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October 2023 show & tells

July 03, 20231 min read

Here are the subjects and dates for each Wednesday show & tell in October 2023:

  • October 4th-- Bring a picture you colored yourself

  • October 11th-- Bring something colorful

  • October 18th-- Bring something that starts with the letter "D"

  • October 25th-- Bring a dinosaur

If your student can’t bring something that matches the theme, they may bring something that matches the letter they are studying that week. Please no play weapons i.e. swords or guns. Both morning and afternoon children will have a chance to share their show and tell items. Show and tell is for both preschool and elementary classes.

They may bring an item to show on Wednesdays only. If they forget show and tell that day, they have to wait until next time to bring one since it gets too chaotic if children are bringing items to show throughout the week. It’s a great lesson on responsibility for them to remember their own show and tell! 😉

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