Bell Canyon Montessori

Covid-19 Response

Bell Canyon Safety Standards


We have established strict protocols to maintain health department standards and protect everybody at school during this time. See details below:

  • School hours: Our school hours for May will be 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. We will not be offering extended care at this time.

Safety Measures

  • Pick up and drop off: During car time, you can still use the drive thru, but you must grab your child from the car/ put them back in the car instead of the teacher doing it.
  • Daily temp checks: Before children can enter the school, the director will be outside to check their temperature each day. If they have a fever, they will have to go home. Teachers will also be checked each day.
  • Foot traffic in the school: In order to maintain social distancing guidelines, we ask that during this time parents do not come inside the school. If you      ever need to meet with a teacher, let the director know and we can set      that up separately.
  • No shoes in class:  Be sure that your student is wearing socks each day as they will take off  their shoes to go up to class.
  • Sickness: If  a child has a fever, cough, or difficulty breathing, we will isolate that  child and expect parents to pick them up immediately. If a staff member is  exhibiting symptoms, we will send them home. We are monitoring everybody’s  health conditions carefully and ask that families please alert Bell Canyon  in the event that your child has been exposed to somebody with COVID-19.

Cleaning Protocol

  • Our  staff will be on a disinfecting schedule to disinfect the shelves, tables,  chairs, bathrooms, play equipment and any other high contact surfaces  multiple times throughout the day.

Handwashing Protocol

  • We  require that all children wash their hands when they arrive at school, after using the restroom, when returning from recess, before eating  (snacks and lunch), before work time and after work time. We will also  have hand sanitizer available for any time in between.

Social Distancing Guidelines

  • All  tours and outside visitors are not allowed to visit the school at this      time.
  • The  classrooms will be organized in such a way that students will have their  own space to do their work.

Online Learning

  • Online learning will still be available this month. We will continue to have daily live streams and deliver work materials home each week.