what is montessori?

 The Montessori Approach to education originated in the early 1900's by Maria Montessori, the first woman doctor in Italy. Her educational ideas grew out of her experiences, first as a physician with mentally challenged children, and later as an innovative organizer of a day care center and schools for children of normal abilities. 

 Dr. Montessori's ideas were forerunners of contemporary ideas we know as "individualized education" and "the open-classroom structure"

 The first school opened by Dr. Montessori still operates today in an housing complex, a few blocks from the Coliseum in Rome, Italy and utilizes the same concepts and  the same educational equipment that we use in our schools today. Our goal of fostering a healthy mind and sound body is aided by these same principles that we stated above and practice in our schools 

Core ideals


The identification of early childhood as a distinct period of life, with

      certain specific needs and characteristics of it's own.

      The idea of "sensitive periods" of development during which a child is highly receptive to certain learning's.

      The development of child-sized furniture and equipment.

      An emphasis on concrete materials for the teaching of concepts.

      Recognition of the importance of repetitive behavior associated with

      emerging mental abilities.

      The basic design for an educational environment which fosters the

      development of independence in the individual and recognizes the

      interdependence of freedom and discipline.