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Waitlist FAQ

Thank you for your interest in Bell Canyon!

Outlined below are some of the frequently asked questions about our waitlist.
  1. When did the waitlist begin?
    The waitlist started in September 2023
  2. How do I join the waitlist?
    Please fill out our form here to join.
  3. Is this waitlist for all classes and ages at Bell Canyon?
    Yes, the waitlist is for all classes including our two preschool classes (ages 2-5) and one elementary class (ages 5-9)
  4. Is there a fee for joining the waitlist?
    There is no fee to join, however, if a spot becomes available and is offered to you, you must pay the enrollment fee to reserve the spot for your desired start date.
  5. When can I tour the school?
    If a spot opens up and you are nearing the top of the waitlist, you will be contacted to set up a tour appointment. Until then, you can view our comprehensive video tour of the school to learn more about our programs.
  6. When is the enrollment period at Bell Canyon?
    We have a rolling enrollment period. This means that if a spot opens up, we can accept new students regardless of the time of year.
  7. Does my student’s age affect where I am on the waitlist or how fast I will be able to get a spot?
    No, since we have mixed age classrooms the age of your child does not factor into how quickly you can reserve a spot. The waitlist operates on a first-come, first-served basis.
  8. Does my desired schedule option affect where I am on the waitlist or how fast I will be able to get a spot?
    No. The waitlist operates on a first-come, first-served basis.
  9. If I am on the waitlist, how often will I be contacted and given updates?
    You will only be contacted once a spot becomes available and you are next up on the list.
  10. If I am offered a spot, am I able to pay the enrollment fee to hold and defer my application until the next school year?
    No, if you have been offered an available spot you have one week to accept the offer and pay the enrollment fee. If you do not respond within the week, then the next person on the waitlist will be offered the spot. Your desired start date should be no more than 3 months from the offer date. You cannot accept a spot if your child is not completely potty trained.
  11. If I fill out the waitlist form, do I have to fill out the application for enrollment?
    It is not required to fill out an application for enrollment if you have filled out the waitlist form. Filling out the application will not affect your spot on the waitlist either way, and the application for enrollment is only required once you have been offered a spot.
  12. How should I contact you if I have more questions?
    Please send further questions to the director at
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